Appellate Practice

A jury’s verdict, or the ruling of a trial judge, does not always mark the end of a dispute. The appeal process—making sure the law and the evidence support the ultimate outcome of the case—is often a critical step in protecting the client’s right to a correct judgment.

Experienced appellate advocates have been part of Udall Law Firm since long before appellate law became a recognized specialty. Burr Udall is widely recognized as one of the most experienced and capable appellate lawyers in Arizona. Other current members of the firm’s Appellate Practice Group follow in his footsteps, bringing a wide range and depth of experience to the solution of our clients’ appellate problems.

Members of Udall’s Appellate Practice Group assist clients in a variety of ways:
    • Handling appeals in cases conducted by each of the firm’s litigation practice areas
    • Taking over or assisting with appeals in cases conducted by other firms at the trial court level
    • Assisting with discovery issues, dispositive motions, jury instructions and post-trial motions
    • Consulting on trial court cases or appeals being handled by other firms
    • Acting as legal adviser to multi-firm joint defense groups
    • Monitoring trials and appeals
    • Helping with post-trial mediation and other settlement activities

Our attorneys are comfortable with whatever role best suits the client’s needs, ranging from consultation with trial counsel to independent pursuit of a complete appeal. They practice in all Arizona courts and in a variety of federal courts across the country.

For more information about this practice area, please contact one of our experienced attorneys listed below.

Peter Akmajian

PETER AKMAJIAN – Partner Practice Areas: • Medical & Legal Malpractice • Commercial Litigation • Insurance Law • Product Liability • Domestic Relations • Employment Law Continue reading

Thomas A. Langan

THOMAS A. LANGAN – Partner Practice Areas: • Insurance Defense • Professional Malpractice • Personal Injury Cases Involving Catastrophic Injury Continue reading

D.B. Udall

D.B. UDALL – Partner Practice Areas: • Appellate Practice • Business & Commercial Litigation • Insurance Defense Litigation Continue reading