Criminal Defense

For six decades, Udall Law Firm has proven itself as a civil litigation firm. As well, our criminal defense attorneys are experienced and equipped with extensive knowledge of Arizona criminal law, allowing us to take an aggressive approach in our defense strategies. We understand that being charged with a criminal offense carries serious consequences and could possibly result in imprisonment, fines, loss of career, loss of educational opportunities and much more. Whether an individual is charged with a misdemeanor or a serious felony, we are committed to providing our clients with the strongest defense to reach the best possible outcome.

At Udall Law Firm, we are experienced in handling a wide range of DUI cases, from first offense misdemeanors to extreme DUI and aggravated DUI. As your criminal defense lawyer, we take the time to investigate each case to determine the best strategy for defense. We realize that you may be in danger of losing your license, facing imprisonment or potentially facing other serious consequences if you are convicted. Our attorneys are prepared to help our clients challenge their charges and fight for a positive resolution. In addition, we are able to handle the administrative proceedings involving suspension of driving privileges.

Drug Offenses
As Tucson criminal defense attorneys licensed in Arizona State and Federal courts, we are able to handle a wide range of drug crimes, from simple possession and sale, to manufacturing and possession with intent to distribute. Drug crimes often involve complex legal challenges and can include both illegal drugs (marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, etc.) as well as prescription drugs (Xanax, Vicodin, OxyContin, etc.). We investigate each case on an individual basis to determine the very best strategy for defense.

Violent Crimes
Udall attorneys are prepared and experienced in defending individuals accused of serious felonies, including dangerous offenses and violent crimes. Our attorneys understand that a felony conviction can result in prison time and a criminal record. We offer our clients a personal, hands-on approach, keeping them informed and fighting to protect their rights at all times. As a full-service law firm we are able to utilize all of our resources to provide the very best defense for each client.

Criminal Appeals
Experienced appellate advocates have been part of Udall Law Firm since long before appellate law became a recognized specialty. As criminal defense attorneys in Arizona, we are experienced in handling criminal appeals at all levels of State and Federal courts. The appeal process—making sure the law and the evidence support the ultimate outcome of the case—is often a critical step in protecting our client’s rights. At Udall, we are prepared to act quickly, petitioning the court for appellate or post-conviction relief, as appropriate.

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