Immigration Law

At Udall Law Firm, we recognize that the fields of immigration and consular law each present a broad range of challenges for our corporate and international clients.

Employee Visa Work and Labor Certification
Udall Law Firm attorneys enable clients to remain competitive in a rapidly-expanding global marketplace by helping U.S. companies obtain labor certification for key employees and critical job positions. Pursuing labor certification (PERM) procedures requires an intricate knowledge of the complex regulatory interplay between the U.S. Labor Department (DOL), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the U.S. State Department, other federal or state agencies and foreign governments. In addition to PERM work, the Firm assists companies with the evaluation, research, application and consular processing work involved in H-1B, H-2B and other employee visas. Our attorneys routinely work with consular officials from State Department duty posts around the globe to procure labor visas for client companies from a wide array of industries, including software engineering, biotechnology, haute couture (fashion), higher education, and entertainment.

International Trade
The United States has been a dominant force in the world economy since 1945. Udall Law Firm assists foreign companies and investors with the necessary research, design and implementation of domestic start-up strategies. In addition to obtaining E-2 visas and “treaty-trade” entry documents, we assist clients with international tax planning, consular relations, trade mission planning, corporate finance projects and contract negotiation.

Audit and Compliance Defense
The federal government has adopted an aggressive approach to immigration enforcement in the workplace. A critical part of this strategy involves Form I-9 audits and raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, particularly in the agriculture, construction, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. Our attorneys routinely assist companies with planning I-9 audits and taking proactive steps to limit civil and criminal liability in the event of an audit. We have assisted Fortune 500® companies with compliance checks, Social Security “no-match” responses and ICE audit defense work. We also assist companies and managers with the defense of federal civil and criminal claims related to compliance enforcement claims.

Family Petitions and Deportation
At Udall Law Firm we know that the current family immigration system in the U.S. seems to work inconsistently if it ever works at all. We re-unite families and help keep families together by applying to adjust status for immigrants, obtaining student visas for their children, and helping them naturalize once they qualify to do so.

Our attorneys routinely appear in U.S. immigration trial and appellate courts across the United States. We have prevailed in cancellation of removal claims, waiver defenses, Convention Against Torture (CAT) petitions, and asylum applications. Adopting the approach that the best legal plan is one that has been tested in court, we consistently train and apply techniques involving complex constitutional, evidentiary and procedural issues.

Finally, we utilize our related experience in consular law and work with diplomats from all over the world to secure visas and other entry permits for people who live apart from their families, and often in extremely frightening circumstances.

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