Transactional-Business Law

Udall’s Transactional Department offers numerous services to assist its business clients in the areas of commercial and residential real estate, corporate law, employment law, estate planning and commercial litigation management.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Udall Law Firm’s experience in real estate transactions is as diverse as the southwest itself. Whether it’s the purchase or lease of a single-family residence, a cattle ranch, or developing a master planned commercial complex, our Firm assists clients in all areas of real estate acquisition, financing, development and sales.

As the oldest law firm in Tucson, Udall utilizes its extensive experience to tailor our counseling to the specific needs of our clients. We represent public and private companies as well as individuals in the following areas:
     • Drafting and negotiating purchase and sale, development and construction contracts
     • Financing
     • Due diligence review
     • Licensing, permits and water rights
     • Commercial and residential leasing

Corporate and Other Entity Counseling
In today’s economic environment, companies confront a myriad of financial and legal uncertainty. As general counsel to a variety of businesses, Udall utilizes its business acumen to offer support and assistance to its corporate clients. The Firm regularly assists clients with business formation, capitalization, reorganization and operational issues, including employment matters, mergers and acquisitions and securing financing. In addition, Udall helps protect its clients by creating confidentiality, trade secret, and licensing-royalty agreements; we assist with financing matters such as creating and enforcing promissory notes, deeds of trust and Article 9 security agreements. Whether the client is opening its first small business or creating a subsidiary to a multi-national corporation, Udall is there from start to finish.

Trust and Estate Planning
Udall’s transactional department focuses on serving as counselor to numerous families in the southwest regarding the transfer of wealth. Our attorneys advise clients on advantageous estate planning opportunities, including wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney, as they apply within each client’s specific family. The Firm also counsels corporate and individual fiduciaries regarding estate and trust administration. In conjunction with the litigation department, the probate department assists clients in will contests and litigation seeking the proper construction of wills and trusts.

Commercial Litigation Management
Udall Law Firm’s experienced litigation team is uniquely equipped to facilitate commercial transactions and the complex documentation it requires. From developing business resolutions and alternatives to commercial conflicts and analysis of documentation, our attorneys work quickly to resolve all aspects of litigation.

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