A judgment for over $28,000 was awarded a client being represented by Arthur B. Alexander. The client had retained Mr. Alexander to respond to an action filed by her ex-husband to modify the amount of retirement pay that she was receiving, claiming that she was entitled to 39%, not the 47% which she had been receiving. After a complete audit by Mr. Alexander, he determined that 39% was the correct amount that client was entitled to. However, the Mr. Alexander also concluded that the adjustment to 39% should commence in January, 2012; and, that our client had received payments in an amount less than what she was entitled to for the years in question, and therefore was owed a substantial amount for the arrears.

Mr. Alexander filed a cross-petition seeking the above relief for our client.

Following several days of trial, and various post-trial briefs, the Court agreed with client and awarded her a Judgment for a total of$28,335.82, representing the underpayment (arrears) from September 2005.

Arthur Alexander, Of Counsel, Udall Law Firm, LLPArthur B. Alexander has practiced law for over 40 years in Arizona and California in the area of domestic relations, including marriage dissolution, legal separation and annulment, child custody and support, paternity, spousal maintenance (alimony) and division of assets. Prior to joining Udall Law Firm, he served the Southern Arizona community for over 20 years as a sole practitioner. Mr. Alexander is a Volunteer Arbitrator for the Pima County Superior Court and has served as a Domestic Relations Judge Pro Tempore for Pima County.

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