Erin Byrnes Presents on Accommodating Religious Practices in the Workplace

On May 8, 2014, Erin Byrnes will be presenting on issues that arise when an employee seeks to exercise his/her religious beliefs in the workplace. As part of this presentation, Erin will also discuss the employer’s duty to accommodate its employees’ free exercise of religion pursuant to the First Amendment and state laws, like the Arizona Free Exercise of Religion Act. Erin will be presenting twice on this subject at the Arizona Detention Association’s 2014 annual conference.

Sheriffs, jail administrators, and various other jail personnel from Arizona’s 15 counties will be in attendance at the 2014 ADA conference. Given the unique focus of the group, Erin will also discuss addressing and accommodating detainee and inmates’ religious rights under both the First Amendment and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, a federal law uniquely applicable to incarcerated persons.

For more information on religious rights in the workplace, please give Erin Byrnes or Elizabeth Miller a call at 520.623.4353.