Fraud Lawsuit Dismissed for Domestic Relations Attorney

Ed Moomjian II, a partner with Udall Law Firm, obtained an early victory for our client, a domestic relations attorney, in a fraud lawsuit. As an attorney, our client had previously handled an underlying divorce matter, which included a property settlement between the ex-spouses. Following the divorce, the opposing ex-spouse filed a lawsuit alleging that the lawyer and his client had engaged in fraud, inducing the opposing spouse to enter the property settlement agreement.

A motion to dismiss was filed by Mr. Moomjian on behalf of our client, pointing out not only that the allegations of fraud were disputed, but more importantly, that the judicial proceedings privilege under Arizona law barred the opposing spouse from subsequently filing the lawsuit against the opposing lawyer. Based upon the strength of the motion, the opposing spouse was ultimately forced to agree to dismiss the case against the lawyer with prejudice, barring the opposing spouse from pursuing these claims at any point in the future.

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