Udall Law Firm, LLP is pleased to announce the celebration of their 60th anniversary of service to the Southern Arizona community. Founded in the spring of 1952, it stands as the oldest law firm in Tucson. “This law firm was founded with the idea to provide quality legal services while maintaining honesty and integrity,” says Senior Partner, Burr Udall. Founded primarily on defending tort cases, the Udall Law Firm has evolved into a full-service organization providing quality legal services for both individuals and businesses alike.

The Firm was founded in 1952 by Charles D. McCarty and S. Thomas Chandler, who were later joined in 1954 by D. Burr Udall. Notably, Burr Udall is the brother of Morris and Stewart Udall and son of Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Levi Udall. He brought to the firm his stalwart work ethic, strength of character, and unassuming manner. Throughout the last 58 years, under Burr’s guidance, Tucson’s oldest law firm has maintained its reputation in throughout the State of Arizona and United States as providing exceptional service, developing long-term client relationships and working to positively impact the Tucson community.

Today, Udall Law Firm has grown to 22 attorneys and 46 total employees. Offering more than 20 areas of practice, the Firm provides answers and assistance to almost every type of legal issue, including commercial litigation, professional negligence, personal injury, business law, real estate, estate planning, and criminal defense. The Firm prides itself on meeting its clients’ legal needs, whether those clients are public bodies, insurance companies, banks, developers, multi-million dollar organizations, small business owners, or the average Arizonan with a legal issue. While other firms have come and gone throughout the last sixty years, Udall Law Firm is prepared to use its enduring values, depth of experience, and character to meet the legal challenges its clients face in the twenty-first century.

Udall Law Firm, LLP Celebrates 60 Years of Service


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