1. Congress Street Circa 1910 - The Los Angeles Department Store on the left is now the Chicago Store. Notice the men on the left corner wearing cowboy hats with suites and ties, reflecting our wild west history.
  2. Congress Street Circa 1910 Looking East - The Consolidated National Bank Building is on the right, with the white pillars. Midway on the right is the photography shop of Henry Buehman, who took many early Tucson photos.
  3. Congress Street in the late 1930's looking west near Scott Street.
  4. Pennington & Stone in 1929 - A Henry Buehman photograph. Steinfeld's Department Store is on the left. The band on Pennington Street and the coats and hats suggest this was taken during the Christmas season.
  5. Old Main at the University of Arizona - This was the first building at the University of Arizona, built in 1889. The extensive desert vegetation around the building was no accident. The cactus garden was started by Professor James W. Tourney in 1896.
  6. A Henry Buehman photo - taken in the 1890's from the courthouse roof. The open space in the middle was the military plaza and is now the Armory Park area. Plaza School on the far right was renamed Safford School in 1904.
  7. St. Mary's Hospital - Opened in 1880 by the seven sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet. They were pioneers that came to Tucson in the 1870's and opened the hospital for all county residents.
  8. Courthouse Circa 1890's - Built in the 1880's on Pennington Street, between Court Avenue and Church Street. This stately building was replaced by a new courthouse in 1929.
  9. Pima County Courthouse - This tile-dome building, built in 1929, was the third to serve as the courthouse. It housed everything from the school superintendent to the sheriff's office and prisoners.

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