The appeal process – making sure the law and the evidence support the ultimate outcome of the case. An appellate attorney must have a deep understanding of the law because they rely on legal persuasiveness to show a judge that a trial was correctly done or was flawed, rather than charisma to convince a jury of the facts.

The firm’s Appellate Practice Group brings a wide range and depth of experience to the solution of our clients’ appellate issues. They assist clients in a variety of ways:

  • Handle appeals in cases conducted by each of the firm’s litigation practice areas
  • Taking over or assisting with appeals in cases conducted by other firms at the trial court level
  • Assisting with discovery issues, dispositive motions, jury instructions and post-trial motions
  • Consulting on trial court cases or appeals being handled by other firms
  • Acting as legal adviser to multi-firm joint defense groups
  • Monitoring trials and appeals
  • Helping with post-trial mediation and other settlement activities

Our attorneys are comfortable with whatever role best suits the client’s needs, ranging from consultation with trial counsel to independent pursuit of a complete appeal. They practice in all State and Federal courts in Arizona as well as courts across the country.

Udall Law Firm lawyers that practice Appellate Practice